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bolt pattern convert We never fail to amaze people with all the skills our companies have in the mechanical field. One of the highest requested and by hardest services to find we offer is bolt pattern conversion, we specialize in. Bolt pattern conversion comes with a lot different specialties and I’m happy to tell you that we offer every single one you need. Meaning if you have a 4-lug vehicle and want a 5-lug vehicle we can make happen with no problem. Even if the offset of your car doesn’t fit on your vehicle well, we can also modify the offset of wheels on your vehicle to fit your car perfectly. Our skilled staff is especially familiar with trimming of the offset. Specialties of bolt pattern conversion:

  • Modify the offset
  • If the spokes hit the brakes the calipers can be trimmed
  • We can also fill and drill your wheels to fit the hub of the car.
  • If the center hub doesn’t fit we can also trim that for you to.

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