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Q. What Rims are able to be fixed?
A. We repair all kind of wheels. Factory steel/alloy wheels and custom alloy wheels-include chrome wheels - are able to be repaired

Q. My wheel is bent, can it be fixed?
A. Yes, bent wheels are able to be straightened by our special straightening machines. This machine was designed to straighten your wheels to be perfect round. It kills all type of vibrations caused by bents.

Q. My Rims have curb damage, can they be refinished? Are they look like orginals after fixed?
A. Yes, We refinished all types wheels including chrome wheels, machine - surface wheels. Depends on what type of rims you have, we use different machines to refinish them. Mostly the scratched wheels have to be resurfaced by our CNC machine that manufacturies use to produce wheels. Therefore, after refinishing, your wheels will look almost identicale to the originals.

Q. I hit a Pothole, and my rims have long cracks. Can it be welded?
A. Yes, we can fix your wheels even with long cracks. Please view the video clip to see how we weld long cracked wheels.

Q. My wheel welded by someother. Then it was cracked again. Can you reweld it?
A. Yes, First we strip off all existing welding material. Then reweld by our high voltage TIG welding machine with air craft aluminum tods. However, Most rewelding are not life-time warranty.

Q. My wheel has more than one crack. Will it cost more to weld more than one crack?
A. Yes, We charge aditional amount if you have multiple cracks.

Q. My Rims have brake dust all over the lips. Can you polish my rims?
A. Yes. We clean and polish rush- dusty wheels including chrome rims.

Q. My chrome rims have curb damage and scratches. Can you fix them?
A. Yes, depends on your rims' sharp, we use different types of methods to smoonthy out. After that we are use our chrome paint system to rechrome them. After finishing, they look like new.

Q. Can you custom paint my wheels?
A. Yes. We can paint different types of color and be able to embed custom designs on your wheels.

Q. What is your guaranty?
A. We offer Life-time limited warranty in all bent wheels. We also offer Life-time limited warantee in Cracked wheels. However, some cases welding wheels are warranty but not life-time. Painting wheels and chrome wheels are standard two years warranty.

Q. Do you repair wheels for luxury car?
A. All kinds. Audi, BMW, Infiniti, Lexus, Acura, Porsche, Cadillac, Dodge, Pontiac, Ford, Toyota, Honda, Bently, Rolls Royce, Mazda, Land Rover, Jaguar, Mini Cooper, Mercedes, Lincoln, VW, Nissan, Ferrari – we can repair the wheels on any brand of car, and we can repair most aftermarket rims as well.

Q. How long will it take to to fix my wheel?
A. Mostly the turn around time is 24 hours. However, some complecatted repairs may need longer.

Q. What is Your address?
A. Special Rims, Inc. Certi-fix.com 6615 Highway 85 Riversale, GA. 30274

Q. What are your hours of operation?
A. Mon to Fri: 9am-6pm; Sat: 9am-5pm; closed Sunday

Q. Do I have to take the wheels off my car?
A. No, you not need to unless you prefer to bring us a loose wheel.

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